Where fine pebbles look like sand

Agios Prokopios is not only the most famous beach in Naxos, but has also been given international distinction. Here you will enjoy the natural beauty in all its splendor. At the edge of the beach you will find the church of Agios Prokopios. The most notable feature of this beach is the fine pebbles which look like sand yet don’t stick to the skin, also the amplitude of colours her water make. On this bay, which is under protection awarded with the blue flag since 1985. Here you can combine a relaxing bathe with water sport, while you may find many cafes and taverns at the beginning of the beach. Additionally, we may offer you a day in the paradise. A relaxing beach massage. As about the beach services Virtù Suites is a typical, elegant and luxury beach hotel. That is why someone may be offered beach and lounge chairs, towels and umbrellas. You may also being served with bittersweet, citrusy, earthy, fruity, herbal, nutty, rich, robust, smoky, spice yeasty & woody delights by our bar and restaurant. Our restaurant offers all day launch and dining facilities, while our bar offers an all day large scale cocktail catalogue. On the sand.