A cycladic tasty treasure cuisine

Cyclades are a handful of windswept, sea-beaten islands of exceptional beauty in the middle of the Aegean. Bittersweet, citrusy, earthy, fruity, herbal, nutty, rich, robust, smoky, spice yeasty & woody. Those are some words that we used to describe our mediterranean and cycladic culinary art mix menu. Those words are not only some descriptive and appealing enough words to catch a customer's eye, but a commonly tasty treasure for us that we produce & serve goods in the rich territory of Naxos. An element of this cultural identity is Cycladic cooking, infused with sea, scarce land, symmetry and Hellenic spirit. Unusual products, celebrated wines, distinctive dishes with countless variations, are the main corpus of a living tradition found in Cycladic homes. We who live and work in the Cyclades today, enjoying the rich offerings, tastes and aromas born of our islands out of the union of water, fire and air, believe that a unique taste varieties equal to a holistic hospitality and luxury accommodation experience. Rejuvenation and harmony lead straight to cuisine. Our restaurant offers all day launch and dining facilities, while our bar offers an all day large scale cocktail catalogue.